What Happens When Justice Fails?

This season, host Phil Holloway and his team break down challenging topics in our legal system – the problems and pitfalls that result in high-pressure cases, wrongful convictions, and heartbreaking decisions. Hear firsthand from people who have lost years of their life to an unjust legal system and the experts and advocates who are fighting for justice.

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In the season premiere, host Phil Holloway investigates the problems with eyewitness testimony and the case of an innocent man who was put away because of faulty memory.

Phil and his team dig into the problem of systemic racism in the criminal justice system. Hear how biases can impact people of color every step of the way, from public schools to jury trials and the prison system.
Polygraphs and Scent Dogs

Sometimes forensic science is like a good barber with bad scissors.

William Richards came home to find his wife murdered. A call to the police made him the number one suspect. Phil and his team catch up with Bill after 23 years in prison.

Bonus Chapters

Phil and his team are back with a special announcement about the summer release of Sworn Season 2. Plus, hear from criminal justice professionals about the impacts of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, on the justice system and what happens when matters of life and liberty are put on pause.

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