Bonus The Round Table

The Round Table

We wrap up Season 2 with a tour through Phil’s office and a roundtable discussion on the justice system with members of the Holloway Law Group.


Covid-19 And The Legal System

Phil and his team are back with a special announcement about the summer release of Sworn Season 2. Plus, hear from criminal justice professionals about the impacts of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, on the justice...

Episode 01

Eye Witness Testimony

In the season premiere, host Phil Holloway investigates the problems with eyewitness testimony and the case of an innocent man who was put away because of faulty memory.

Episode 02

Racial Bias

Phil and his team dig into the problem of systemic racism in the criminal justice system. Hear how biases can impact people of color every step of the way, from public schools to jury trials...

Episode 03

Polygraphs And Scent Dogs

Sometimes forensic science is like a good barber with bad scissors.

Episode 04

Bite Marks

William Richards came home to find his wife murdered. A call to the police made him the number one suspect. Phil and his team catch up with Bill after 23 years in prison.

Episode 05

Interrogations and False Confessions

The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Episode 06

Proof of Innocence

Phil explores DNA evidence, the roads to exoneration and post-conviction victories, and life after prison.

Episode 07

Mandatory Minimums and The Trial Tax

What happens to the legal system when sentencing power is taken out of judges’ hands? What are the hidden risks of going to trial and why do innocent people plead guilty?

Episode 08

Alford Pleas

Phil and his team tackle the controversial debate around a legal tool allowing people to plead guilty without admitting guilt.

Episode 09

Case Study Pt 1; What Happened That Night

The beginning of a three-part dive into one of Phil’s most personal cases.

Episode 10

Case Study Pt 2; How Do You Plead

What will Phil’s client do when faced with an impossible choice?


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